Voice Work, Confidence

Voice Work

Through the release of physical tension, improved alignment, breath work, phonation and articulation the quality and health of the voice can be developed.  This is deep work and can significantly improve an individual’s  relationship with their voice and, hence, with self.  Voice work includes development of:

  • Vocal expression
  • Projection
  • Audibility
  • Vocal health

“I have thoroughly enjoyed every single minute of the lessons.  In addition to the really interesting items we have covered you, perhaps unwittingly, provided me with the self confidence to take a look at myself and appreciate who I am.  I will not hesitate to recommend you to friends and work colleagues.”  P.S., Company Director, Ashford, Kent

“We have worked on my vocal range, lowering my pitch and generally making my voice more confident in preparation for a series of podcasts we are releasing.  “. Rachel Mills, Pain Management Physiotherapist, Lancashire

Communication Confidence

Two-way communication skills can be a struggle for many people.  Clients learn to:

  • release physical tension
  • develop eye contact 
  • increase facial expression   
  • increase audibility and clarity 
  • build conversation skills

“Over the past few weeks we have noticed that he much more readily tells us about what has happened, what he has read etc. You can now have a proper discussion with him. I think it may be due to the exercises you gave, to connect the 2 brain halves.  We are so grateful  for your understanding of the dilemmas with AS.” Mr & Mrs D, Nottingham.

“Both my teenage sons started the classes with apprehension……..However, Laura has made the sessions enjoyable, need-specific and this has resulted in raising their confidence and self-esteem. Now, my sons don’t want to stop the sessions!”  Mrs. Shah