Meetings, Interviews, Presentations


Do you find it difficult to get your point made in meetings?  Are other people quicker at commenting and sharing their thoughts?  Practising body language, eye contact and opening techniques to enable you to contribute equally in meetings can raise your profile.


Organising our thoughts into coherent speech when under pressure can be a real challenge, which is why interview coaching is so helpful.  Practising a variety of responses, developing articulation and learning how to manage tension can be invaluable preparation for interviews.

“Just wanted to let you know that I got the job!!  Thank-you so much for squeezing me into your busy schedule and helping me to practice and improve my speaking/interview skills. It definitely helped my confidence in both interviews.”  A.H. The Meadows, Nottingham


Speaking to an audience is considered to be one of life’s most nerve-wracking experiences and there is a very good reason for this.  Faced with an audience, the body prepares for the unknown: fight, flight or freeze. This can result is raised heart rate, memory lapse, trembling , sweaty palms etc.  Presentation training enables us to manage nerves and use this state of heightened readiness to enhance our performance.


“I’d just like to say thank you very much.  The talk went well.  500 people, which is probably 300 more than I was expecting.   You taught me some really useful and practical things.  I was very nervous but I think if you’d seen me you would have thought I did OK.  A few people commented on the clarity and calmness of my voice.  Thanks again:  you’re a star. W.B., Nottingham, on presenting at a major European Expo.

Hi LauraRachelle fed back that the group gave their best presentation ever last week, and Shandies made me smile when she explained all the tips you shared with her were at the forefront of her mind when doing the presentation, including standing correctly! They have all shown improvement and your input was greatly appreciated.

Thanks again. “. Darren Sharpe, University of East London, training Diabetes Youth Commissioners to speak in public.